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Moscow, Russia
Visit the most magical city and major center of politic, economic, culture, religious and entertainment of Russia, Moscow; you will never be bored with its long-time historical architectures, unique tradition, stunning local livelihood and fascinating natural surroundings. Moscow is the world’s 7th biggest city which is established near beautiful Moskva River, in Russia’s European part. It has several nicknames according to important past events and famous ancient sites such as The Third Rome, Whitestone, The First Throne and The Forty Forts. However, the time of Moscow’s settling is undefined. Russian archeologists only found first historical information refer to Moscow in the letter of Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy dating back to 10th century which means that the city was located before the letter being written. Great fire, severe plague and cruel wars occurred many time in Moscow but this alluring city never loses its outstanding beauty. Travel to Moscow; you will fall in love with this town all your heart.

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Moscow, Russia

Moscow charms all travelers with bountiful famous destinations. Visitors may start by discovering St. Basil's Cathedral which is the most beautiful church as well as the symbol of Russia. Do not miss to travel to Novodevichy Convent which is the most fabulous religious complex built in 1524. As for performing lovers, stop at Bolshoi Theater to admire Russia's greatest ballet and opera shows. If you feel out of energy, relax at local restaurants to eat Russian menu while listening to live folk songs. As for resting places from luxury hotels until cheap guesthouses, travelers will find them every corner of the road. Visit Moscow; let this ancient city allure you.

Moscow, Russia, Sudar Cuisine

Sudar is traditional Russian restaurant decorated with early of19th century style which was found in 1995. You can choose a preferable room to eat like in Sudar's library where you can have a food near the chimney's corner or Sudaryna Room where you can have a meal while seeing old family pictures and rare souvenir collections. Lightly smoked salmon in special style, Astrakhan fishy dumplings (pelmeni), chicken giblets with white mushrooms and squids, and crawfish's necks and shrimps with oyster sauce and green salad are recommended menus that the customers should not miss. Visit Sudar to indulge yourself with wonderful dining experience.

Moscow, Russia, Bolshoi Theater

Want to see the oldest and greatest Russian ballet and opera performances, visit Bolshoi Theater. Bolshoi was established in 1776 by Prince Peter Urusov and Michael Maddox and its today wonderful building replaced the old theater, Petrovka which was damaged by fire. The theater contains over one million audiences and hires 300 dancers, 90 singers, 200 chorus members, 230 musicians and 500 technicians to take care its supreme shows. Bolshoi Theater opens daily and changes its enchanting programs almost every day.

Moscow, Russia, Novodevichy Convent

Novodevichy is the oldest and the most marvelous convent complex in Moscow which was settled in 1524 by Tsar Vasily III. Novodevichy is not only a religious site but also a fortress with well-built 12-tower wall. Inside, there are over 27,000 tombs, a museum telling the complex's history and manifold gratifying churches like Cathedral of the Virgin of Smolensk and Church of the Assumption. If you want to admire the convent's magnetic scenery, climb up to 236-foot Belfry Tower or walk to the edge of its pond where you will see the reflection of the whole complex through fresh water.